Multichoice Trip offers you ocean, sea and river cruises for the best prices on market.

Choose a characteristic of a cruise from the list below, and you will get full information on these particular types of cruises. Multichoice Trip offers you the following kinds of affordable cruises:

  • Romantic cruises
  • Family cruises
  • Children's cruises
  • Cruises of Wisdom (for elderly couples)
  • Rainbow cruises (for sexual minorities)
  • Luxury cruises
  • Transatlantic cruises
  • River cruises
  • Celebratory cruises.


If it is your first tour we recommend you to open this site, and you will find very useful information there. To receive full information on the specific country or the cruise which has interested you please use an option "search." If you have already made your choice you can make reservation by pressing the either the oorder requesto button or the oto order button. You can also make a call to our office using toll-free number 1-866-416-0747 and get additional information. We can really make your cruise pleasant, enjoyable and affordable!

Please keep in mind!

  • Multichoice Trip notifies you that the offered cruises contain just general information. According to your date of departure, you will be given full additional details, terms and conditions of your trip or cruise.
  • Multichoice Trip reminds you that your passport must be valid for at least six more months from the date for which you are scheduling your cruise.
  • Multichoice Trip reminds you it is necessary to have entrance visas to the counties you are going to visit during your cruise.
  • Multichoice Trip highly recommends that you purchase traveler's health insurance.



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