Travel insurance is a wide coverage that encompasses an array of potential incidents during our trips. What do you do if one of you or one of your relatives gets ill on a tour? What happens if your luggage gets lost, or you need help of a local attorney? What if the trip that you've been planning is suddenly cancelled due to the reasons beyond your control? Keep in mind that a modest insurance cost will pay off tenfold in a case of emergency or an occurrence such as the ones above. MultiChoice Trip has a business affiliation with one of the largest players in the insurance industry, AIG Travel Guard, and is proud a host of insurance protection kinds, including:

Medical expenses and emergency travel

Medical emergency in case of an illness, an accident, doctor appointment, diagnostics, medicines, being in- or out-patient, dental help, and transportation
Costs of transporting you back to your home country

Trip insurance

Trip cancellation
Trip interruption
Trip delays

We also offer combo-coverage plans, which contain additional coverage that complement and enhance the main plan.

Death and disability
Luggage and personal property
Language delays
Luggage damage and loss
Personal liability under local jurisdictions

To obtain the travel insurance, you have to:

Know the trip duration
Know the trip destination. When visiting multiple countries, a  destination list is required
Personal information of the insured persons

You can get in touch with us by phone, or fill out the necessary forms on line by using this link. Our toll-free number 1-866-416-0747



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