Multichoice Trip does not promise, it guarantees you the best vacation!  

There is no place you can’t go if you are dealing with Multichoice Trip!

Do you like to sunbathe and float in the warm waves?
All inclusive cheap vacation and resorts?
The best sunny beaches of Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other warm countries are waiting for you.
Do you like an active and dynamic vacation, skiing down the snowy slopes of mountains with steep descents?
We can offer you trips to the best ski resorts in the world.
Affordable and discount resorts anywhere in the world.
Do you like to gamble, play poker, test your luck with “Dame Fortune” … or perhaps enjoy some of the best live entertainment in the world?
We can help you visit the capital of world entertainment – Las Vegas.

We consider your preferences.  We are happy to meet the requirements of any client, no matter how challenging they may be.
We know that a tourist is a person who is not preparing meals, cleaning or overcoming difficulties.  On the contrary, a tourist is a person who is spending time in leisure and comfort to his or her liking.  We, as a travel agency, realize that our duty is to create the conditions for you to completely give yourselves away to rest and fun for very affordable rates.

Each of our programs includes:


  • Registration of necessary documents (passport and visas)
  • Flight to destination
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Return flight home

Call us if you have any qiestions and our operators will be happy to assist you. Our toll-free number 1-866-416-0747

So, indulge yourselves fully and unconditionally in comfort, rest, entertainment, and fun!



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